How to Plan the Perfect Destination Wedding & Book a Photographer

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April 18, 2022

Why have a destination wedding?

There are all kinds of reasons why couples choose to have destination weddings. Some couples want to have a special place that will remind them of where their marriage first started, some couples get married in a place they’ve always wanted to visit, and some couples choose a destination that can be easily reached by friends and family from all over the world. Whatever the reason for your choice to have a destination wedding, it is a great choice and one you will not regret.

When deciding on a destination wedding, there needs to be lots of careful planning to ensure that your special day is truly special. From the ceremony and guest list to the flowers and decor, even down to the flavor of the cake, so much goes into the planning and execution of a successful destination wedding.

At Sanchez Photographers, we have had plenty of experience photographing weddings in each of the cities we serve – Acapulco, Cancun, Ixtapa, Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, and Los Cabos. We can offer you a few words of advice for planning a destination wedding in each of these stunning cities in Mexico.

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It’s in the name. Location is everything when it comes to a destination wedding. Not only will the location be the site where you and your soon-to-be spouse will be exchanging vows, but wherever you choose will be the ultimate backdrop for your wedding photos, so finding the location of your dreams is one of the most important decisions in wedding planning. It is also good to keep your guests in mind. Your guests will be coming from far and wide to celebrate with you, so it is important to make sure their stay in the city of your choosing is easy and enjoyable.

Each of the six cities where Sanchez Photographers offers photography services would be an ideal wedding location. Whether it’s the clear blue waters of the Caribbean in the Riviera Maya, or the dramatic cliffside views in Ixtapa, every city we offer photography services in is a beautiful option. It all depends on the type of wedding ceremony you have in mind, your budget, the time of year, and your intended style.


After choosing the destination for your wedding, the venue is the next big decision. You can decide on a venue by answering a few questions. Do you want a large or small wedding? Open air venue or intimate and cozy? Buffet or set menu? At an all-inclusive resort or on the sands of a remote beach? The possibilities are endless. Many resorts in Mexico make it easy for couples to get married by providing wedding coordinating services. The planning services typically include venue setup, food, flowers, and accommodations to make your wedding run smoothly. This process makes it simple for destination wedding couples to show up and not have to deal with the hassle of wedding planning in a new country.


After the festivities are over and everyone goes back home, what will remain of your wedding will be the memories and the photos captured of your special day. It is important to have the right photographer at your wedding to be there to get every moment. Choosing the right photographer for your wedding depends on your style, budget, and schedule.

It is important to choose a wedding photographer that knows the area well. Local photographers that are familiar with the area will show you the most beautiful locations, and know how to highlight them in the best way. A local wedding photographer with knowledge of the area can also show you hidden locations that you can’t find with an out-of-town photographer. Sanchez Photographers are local and know the popular destination wedding locations well. Sanchez photographers are well trained and will provide you with an easy and memorable photoshoot in any of the cities served.

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How to choose a photographer and prepare for your wedding shoot

You can speak with a photographer to discuss details about what you want your wedding photos to look like. You can show examples, scout locations, and view other wedding photography for inspiration. Professional wedding photographers provide quotes based on the size of the wedding and how many hours you would like to book the photographer’s services. All you have to do is get a quote, discuss your desired aesthetic to make sure you’re picking the right wedding photographer based on your style, and discuss time and location. In most cases you will be provided with a contract that details everything discussed between you and your photographer.

Trash the Dress

One way to make your wedding photos stand out from the rest is to have a Trash the Dress photoshoot. Trash the Dress is a shoot that is unlike any other. It is typically taken after a wedding ceremony where the bride is photographed against a scenic backdrop with her wedding dress “trashed,” either dirty with water, mud, paint or completely destroyed. Most brides purchase an affordable wedding dress specifically for trash the dress shoots, so don’t worry about ruining your actual wedding dress. This style of wedding photography is the complete opposite of the traditional bridal photos as it contrasts the clean and white aesthetic with mess and color. The choice to do a trash the dress photoshoot can be symbolic, as it is an alternative style to the standard photos of the bride or it can simply be a way to let your personality shine and surprise your friends and family. Get ready to let loose, get dirty, and have almost as much fun as you did on your wedding day.

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As no two weddings are alike, and no two photographers are alike, you can be assured that your wedding ceremony and wedding photos will be tailored to fit you. And as for the wedding shoot itself, be prepared to have fun and enjoy the spotlight.

Planning weddings of all kinds need lots of time and attention, with destination weddings usually requiring even more planning. The planning process doesn’t always have to be so stressful or time consuming. Sure, you need to find a date, location, venue, and photographer, but with wedding planning coordinators in each of the six cities we serve in Mexico, the planning process becomes a lot easier. Simply find the location of your dreams, book your hotel, invite guests, and let the wedding planners take care of the rest.

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